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This is a game of combat in the realm of miniaturized warfare, which re-creates the struggle between hunter-killer groups of tiny fighting vehicles called MGVs. In Invisible Enemy, the heavy fighting is either over, or its a hundred feet away. On this battlefield, there are only a few units left and they must hunt each other down and clear the field; targets must be secured, gauntlets run or a final swipe at launching a surgical strike. No matter what the original mission was, things have changed and now the remaining units must finish it. Despite their microscopic size, it is the MGVs that always end up doing the heavy lifting.

All of the miniatures needed for game play are now available at the WTJ Store. Pictured at right; Australian Komodo MGVs crossing a Martian battlefield.

    Beta Rules Page: Last updated July 24, 2021 – Includes all rules, charts and outlines needed for game play.
  • Rules Text – Including everything needed for game play, moving, firing, damage assignment, etc.
  • Combat Chart: Side 1 – Print for game play.
  • Combat Chart: Side 2 – Print for game play.
  • Firing Arcs – For 60° and 90° arcs of fire. Print for game play.
  • MGV Hit Logs – This list of PNG files lets you build and save custom MGV logs in Excel by inserting two logs on each page, using narrow margins and reducing each GIF to 80% of size (or hand-drag scale to fit). For those who don't care to do this, a general use log is available below:

    Australia: Komodo | Halo | Whiptail | Skink | Tegu | Tokay | Gila | Chameleon
    Selangor: Hammerhead | Thresher | Tiger | Mako | Sharpnose | Cat
    California: Pilum | Dagger | Mace | Sarrisa
    Japanese: Cobra | Copperhead
    Neutral & Other: Pentablock | Pentascout | Mantis | Scorpion

  • MGV Vehicle Stats – Attack and defense factors, along with everything else needed to fill out the hit log. Also includes purchase points for use selecting forces for game play.
  • General MGV log – A blank MGV log for two vehicles, print as needed for game play.
  • Excel log sheets (Coming soon...) – Excel workbook with ship log PNGs already inserted. Print individual pages as needed for game play, or swap individual files for custom mixed sheets.
  • Optional Rules – Advanced features that add variety to game play.
  • Setup Guide – A guideline page providing steps for setting up and starting game play.

  • Battle Report 027 – Engagement on a Mars based enviromental surface (structure or vehicle).
  • Battle Report 173 – Combat on Mars; the Selangor attempt to repell an Australian landing..
  • Battle Report 447 – A general engagement between five Selangor and five Australian MGVs.


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