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Invisible Enemy
Optional Rules

These advanced rules add variety and "realism" to existing games. Players should make sure to agree in advance on any optional rules use, preferably making a list of optional rule numbers being used for the current game.

Set-up & Game Play

101 - Faster Game
To speed game play, players can try some or all of the following:

a) Eliminate weapons as a payload option. Prevents more combat calculations that are sometimes very small anyway.
b) Eliminate repairs. Speeds up MGV loss.
c) Eliminate engineering operations, which may not be needed for some games in any case.
d) Don't roll for randomized cell hit locations. Just manually (and randomly) record them on the log graph and move on. For this last item players need to trust that others are not always conveniently placing hits in less dangerous parts of the graph.

102 - Pre-Game Fire Registration
Allows one MGV with photon weapon to pre-measure the range to one point on the battlefield from its current location. May be recorded on the ship log but not marked on the board in any way (the old fashioned method for this was called a range card). If multple registrations are purchased they may go to one MGV to make numerous registrations or multiple MGVs to make fewer (or one) registrations each.


201 - MGV Zone of Control
MGV bases exert a one inch (1") zone of control through which enemy bases may not pass.

202 - Self Destruct
To prevent capture or act as an obstacle, etc., an MGV may self-destruct. This must be declared during movement by units which are not already dead. Self-destruction renders the unit valueless for purposes of scenario requirements for capture.

203 - Pursuit
Available during "X" phase move, unit may declare pursuit on an enemy MGV immediately to its front, facing away (pursuer must be in enemy MGV's rear "D" sector). If that enemy base moves directly away during its next move phase, the pursuer can use its remaining movement to follow, minus one inch (lose one inch to reaction). Pursuit can only be executed by units with kinetic or photon main weapons.

204 - ZOC Power Lock
Units with a power module may attempt to lock onto and hold in place (immobilize) a single enemy MGV base that is within once inch range. In order to lock the enemy base, the current payload of the attacking MGV must be equal to or greater than one point less than the defense rating of the targeted enemy base. Enemy bases with engineering or power modules are immune to locking attacks. A locking attack ends as of the end of the current turn's reset phase, or with the death of either MGV.


301 - Disinfection by fire
MGVs with a thermal main weapon can fire on a friendly unit and destroy up to two hull cells (not core cells) that are infected. The resulting destroyed cell(s) also destroys all infestations present in those cells. The disinfected MGV must roll on the critical hit table for damage complications in the same manner as in regular combat.

302 - Thermal Blue on Blue
If a friendly MGV is within 1" of an enemy unit targeted by thermal weapons, the friendly MGV suffers one hull cell destroyed if the firing unit rolls a "1" (miss) on the thermal hit die roll.

303 - Thermal Overkill
For thermal weapons, the attacking player gains a plus one (+1) on the attack die roll for each 200% that the hit ratio exceeds 300% on the combat table. Example: If a thermal attack happens at 800% (32 modified attack points versus 4 defense points), the attacking player would gain a plus two (+2) modifier on the attack die roll.

Note: Included HERE is a combat chart that contains the extra die result row needed for this optional rule.
Damage & Death

401 - The Infested Dead
Knocked out MGVs that had more than 20 infestation hits at time of death may infect friendly MGVs that approach within one inch (1") of the dead unit. This happens on a die roll of 6 (or automatically if players want a faster, more brutal game) and is applied randomly as a single hull or core infestation hit.

402 - Power Hit Cascade
A unit that suffers five P (power) hits converts those five hits into a single B (brain) hit. The converted power hits are crossed out of the MGV log and the B hit added.

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