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Invisible Enemy
Optional Rules

Last beta update: July 9, 2017.
101 – Random Barrages
If both sides tie on the die roll result for the X-phase initiative roll, the playing area will be hit by barrages. The barrages take the following form:

If the tie results were between a 1 and 3, each side gets a single a single red barrage marker and may place it anywhere in the playing area. Once both side have placed their barrage markers, each MGV base with a centerpost within a 4" radius of the barrage marker must roll one six-sided die (1D6). A result of 5 causes one thermal attack type hull cell destruction, a result of 6 causes two cell destructions. See optional rule 105 random damage location for guidance on assigning the destroyed cell locations.

If the tie results were between a 4 and 6, each side gets two barrage markers and may place them anywhere in the playing area. Barrage markers do not interfere with each other's effects and may not be saved for later use or used for other purposes.

The main result of this rule is to discourage close MGV formations which are often used to concentrate firepower. Random barrages makes the game more unpredictable, and also lengthens game play.

103 – Fungus Tower Infection
Any MGV base which approaches with 1" of a fungus tower must roll a six-sided die, on a 6 result the MGV becomes infected, stops and holds its current position and attempts to change facing and fire upon the closest MGV regardless of which side the target MGV belongs to (owning player loses control of the MGV for rest of game). MGVs with Nano Defense may attempt to repel the infection by rolling all of their available nano defense dice. If the result includes any two 6 results (e.g. - "box cars") the infection is considered repelled. Successfully repelling one fungus tower infection gives the MGV no benefits against future fungus infections - and in fact depletion of the nano defense effectively eliminates that payload, rendering the MGV unable to repeat the defense.

105 – Random Damage Location
Using the standard damage selection methods outlined in the Recording Damage portion of the rules, players only need to randomize hits in the A, B, C or D sectors on the MGV graph. To do this, roll one six-sided die (1D6):

1 = A sector hit
2,3 = B sector hit
4, 5 = C sector hit
6 = D sector hit

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