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The ES Encyclopedia supplies an ever-growing body of short articles and descriptions of people, places and things that inhabit the world of The Eylau Sequence. It is a great help to those wishing for a better understanding of the background to current Eylau Sequence short stories and gaming. If there is a favorite entry that you would like to see added, please let us know.
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Whiptail — The L63 "Whiptail" is a medium MGV built by JPS at their La Paz, California facility. It was designed as an operational companion to the L35 Chameleon, with which it often operates in great numbers. The Whiptail's most prominent features are its hammerhead style main armor shield and the GE1200 tube-rail gun , the rear half of which protrudes from the L63's hull like a tail – helping to give the L63 its name.

The Whiptail typically operates in large numbers and is probably one of the most numerous MGVs used considering its relative sophistication. Its combination of armor, offensive fire and operational range make it a dangerous weapon, especially in the large numbers in which it is normally deployed. Its rail gun is not nearly as powerful as that in the Chameleon, but with armor and numbers on its side, these units often get in amongst enemy formations where their point-blank range rail gun fire can be lethal.

Like all other Californian MGV units, the L63 is named after a species of lizard.

Williams, Ian — Originally a commander in the Australian Orbital Force, the 65 year old Williams later became a military liaison for the Australian State Department, partially because of his contact with the Californians during the Mars-Java Offensives. Commander Williams was born near Darwin, Australia of native Australian parents and speaks two languages: English and Kitak.

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