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The ES Encyclopedia supplies an ever-growing body of short articles and descriptions of people, places and things that inhabit the world of The Eylau Sequence. It is a great help to those wishing for a better understanding of the background to current Eylau Sequence short stories and gaming. If there is a favorite entry that you would like to see added, please let us know.
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Tarka, Gilve - A 77 year old colonel in the Australian Armed Forces, Colonel Tarka commanded the Eastern defense district on Mars, which covered a luctrative commerical mining area that was administered by the Australians until its captured by Selangor. Colonel Tarka and his subordinate Lieutenant Annia Ng both perished in a SCRAM penetrator assault on the district's main command center during the fighting. Despite his death at the very beginning of the ES storyline, Colonel Tarka is a key character due to his importance to the surviving players. He had essentially been moved to Mars in order to make sure nothing bad happened to him, so it was tragic irony that war found its way to his precise location.

Territories — Major independent population centers of between 100,000 and 500,000 people are usually referred to as territories. Most territories are self-governing and maintain basic civil services and military defenses. However they usually lack extensive infrastructure like that of a major nation and typically they only have a small industrial base.

The list of territories below includes the three largest; Bali, Diné and Ampara. Of those three, Diné follows rather isolationist policies. Bali is more active and is marginally allied with Australia, whereas Ampara is more supportive of Selangor.
The following is a partial list of major territories and their geographic relation to recognized nations:
  1. Bali (Island: between Australia and Selangor)
  2. Diné (Inland: far to east of California)
  3. Ampara (Coastal: East side of Sri Lanka, southwest of Selangor)
  4. Port Nkomi (Coastal: between Med States and Cape Union)

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