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The ES Encyclopedia supplies an ever-growing body of short articles and descriptions of people, places and things that inhabit the world of The Eylau Sequence. It is a great help to those wishing for a better understanding of the background to current Eylau Sequence short stories and gaming. If there is a favorite entry that you would like to see added, please let us know.
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Richter Sequence — One of the Eylau Sequence's "mates," the Richter Sequence is a system specializing in the planetary sciences or "earth science." As such it can only be used for research and development, and any attempts to subvert it for military or criminal uses have failed. Like the Osler Sequence, the Richter Sequence can operate on a much lower activation base than the Eylau Sequence, and it is commonly used worldwide by schools, universities and various government research facilities.

Royce-Hontura — A long standing member of the defense industry, Royce-Hontura is located in Darwin, Australia. It is the designer of the well known AU8 "Sarrisa" miniature ground vehicle (MGV).

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