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The ES Encyclopedia supplies an ever-growing body of short articles and descriptions of people, places and things that inhabit the world of The Eylau Sequence. It is a great help to those wishing for a better understanding of the background to current Eylau Sequence short stories and gaming. If there is a favorite entry that you would like to see added, please let us know.
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Glacial, The — A misnomer for the extended cooling period that followed the impact of comet Evers-Patel. Even though the cause of the cooling was a disastrous comet strike, most survivors never experienced the strike, only the catastrophic cold that followed. As a result the period is almost universally referred to as "The Glacial." The post-strike changes in climate resulted in spectacularly damaging southward glaciation, although the resulting state did not turn into a full-blown ice age like those which preceded tens of thousands of years before.

GUI — Graphical User Interface which, like the wheel, has become a permanent part of human society. In the ES universe typical GUI take the form of a virtual head-up display which is typically visible only to the operator of the viewer. That said, users can make their displays visible to others in almost any combination they choose.

Manipulation of most interfaces is again highly customizable. They typically receive input from whatever the owner/operator wishes, including body motion, input devices, temporal links (usually perinatal installation inside the temporal bone). The later is very common and while not mandatory, it is usually considered necessary for positions in the military and other performance related professions due to its superior performance.
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