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The ES Encyclopedia supplies an ever-growing body of short articles and descriptions of people, places and things that inhabit the world of The Eylau Sequence. It is a great help to those wishing for a better understanding of the background to current Eylau Sequence short stories and gaming. If there is a favorite entry that you would like to see added, please let us know.
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El Cajon Mountain – The underground city that forms the core of California's capital and is mostly what people are talking about when they say "San Diego" lies beneath the granite formations of El Cajon Mountain. The mountain and adjoining ridgelines lie about 45 kilometers inland from San Diego Bay, just below year-round snow levels and at a high enough altitude to avoid immediate devastation from tsunamis. Several major transit systems connect the various parts of the mountain complex, and during the last 50 years more construction has expanded via new bridges across Lake Capitan, to the new eastern city.

There is also an underground transit system connecting El Cajon Mountain with the government operated centers at Cowles Mountain and Point Loma. Of these three, El Cajon Mountain probably sports the most extensive above ground construction, including a prominent capitol complex that rests astride the main southern spur of the mountain. In good weather the shining white government complex is visible from the ocean. It should be noted however, that most of the capitol complex and machinery of government is still deep underground.

ES Assistant – A personal, customizable interface that gives anyone individual access to general network services, Archimedes or any Sequences to which they have access. ES Assistants usually take the sensory form of one or more fellow humans, although due to their almost limitless options, they can take on many forms including 3D, 2D, audio only, text only or combinations of those depending on task priority. The key to the assistant's success is customizability, familiarity and identification; an ES Assistant also gives users a powerfully secure connection that is impossible to violate. Communication with other humans is often conducted via the assistants and many meetings end up as hybrids between face-to-face and teleconferencing. Additionally, different people may be visible to various individuals, resulting in a dynamic blind-copy communication line. This is why characters within the Eylau Sequence stories sometime seem distracted when meeting face-to-face within the scheme of the story; the person physically in front of them may not be the only person in their current field of view.

Many people name their assistants in order to speed flow of instructions. Such names range from elaborate and poetic to humorous and sarcastic.

ES Assistants should not be confused with ES Operators, the later of which function as virtual field commanders and may themselves control robotic units of all forms. Like the Assistants and Sequences, operators are sentient. They may also move around inside the local command network according to existing authorization protocols. Assistants typically remain dormant until activated by a higher level commander who will usually - but not always - be human (or batur).

Evers-Patel – The comet which was the primary trigger for the glacial period that reduced earth's population by 98% and served as the main impetus for mankind's migration into the solar system. Evers-Patel actually made two near passes by earth; the first pass carried it so close that it dominated the sky for weeks. This first pass caused no damage, but earth's gravitational pull changed the comet's orbit, carrying it almost into the sun. The comet broke up as it passed around the sun and not into it, but within a few months it became apparent that the comet's newly disrupted orbit was going to carry pieces of it into an interception course with earth.

This indeed happened forty-one years later, when five pieces of the comet entered earth's atmosphere in a line over the course of 19 hours. First hit was Northern India, followed a few hours later when a piece struck eastern Turkey. Next a small piece came down in the North Sea followed many hours later when the largest piece came down in the North Atlantic south of Iceland. The last piece struck somewhere in eastern Canada.

None of the pieces were individually capable of exterminating life on earth, but the combined effect of the five pieces was devastating. It is estimated that 15% of the planet's population was killed in the first 24 hours of the disaster. The climate was plunged into a period of severe cold which choked off global food supplies. First hit by food shortages were the poorer countries, who received no aid due to the critical nature of events. It is estimated that within one month over 90% of populations perished in most of what were called "third world" nations of the time.

The richer and more industrialized nations were able to fend off immediate starvation, but this only traded money for time, as the amount of arable land was totally unsuited for the existing populations. Various nations dealt with these situations in different ways, which are covered in greater details in each nation's encyclopedia entry.

The remaining pieces of the comet passed near earth and remain as short period Jupiter Family objects. The knowledge that these remaining pieces continue to cross earth's orbital path on a regular basis are a key factor in the decision by most countries to keep most of their development underground and at acceptably high altitudes above sea level (some of the comet sections have since been repositioned to less threatening orbits).

Eylau Sequence – The Eylau Sequence is a subordinate of the Archimedes Program. It covers a wide range of tactical, operational and even strategic concerns and has been an invaluable aid in the control and use of autonomous systems used in warfare.

As a part of The Archimedes Program, the Eylau Sequence is sentient – it is aware of you, and it is self aware. It can identify objects in its environment and it "thinks" like a sentient being. However it only deals with its assigned area of expertise in a passive-aggressive manner. If you try to get the Eylau Sequence to give its opinion about a politician or to tell you the best way to rob resources from a civilian company, it will passively ignore you and only operate within military confines. There is no way to force the sequence to operate outside of its area of specialty and all previous attempts have failed.

All of the sequences, but especially the Eylau Sequence were designed to operate on a minimum user base. Each major activation requires tens of thousands of users, which prevents small organizations such as those relating to organized crime from deploying their own versions. Also, activation requires the master Archimedes Program, which itself is very demanding.

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