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The ES Encyclopedia supplies an ever-growing body of short articles and descriptions of people, places and things that inhabit the world of The Eylau Sequence. It is a great help to those wishing for a better understanding of the background to current Eylau Sequence short stories and gaming. If there is a favorite entry that you would like to see added, please let us know.
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California — California is the only surviving remnant of the former pre-glacial powers of the United States and Mexico. Its capital is the underground city of San Diego, which lies beneath El Cajon Mountain about 45km inland from a large bay, also named after the old city of San Diego. The two other largest cities are; Soledad, situated high on a plateau overlooking the Pacific; and La Paz, located at a sheltered site of strategic and commercial importance overlooking the Gulf of Cortez. There are also major military bases located across the country and in some areas immediate outside the borders, Fort Banning being one of the largest and most modern.

California is not closely allied to any other nation, but it does have generally decent informal relations with Brasil, Australia and the Mediteranean States. California also has a general working agreement with Japan, something not enjoyed by any other planetary governments. This is a carry-over from Japan's original exodus, when the old United States actually used some of its dwindling resources to help Japan with its planetary evacuation. The trade agreement at that time was that the then US government would conduct the technology transfers to Japan in exchange for return transfers by Japan to any surviving entity representing the general interests of any population formerly holding US citizenship. This covered the possibility that one or both countries and their populations faced imminent extinction or mass migration. Hundreds of years later, the Japanese continue to conduct regular technology transfers to the government in California, the only surviving portion of the pre-glacial USA which continues to operate as a cohesive political entity and which also hosts numerous individuals of American descent.

Cape Union — A loose consortium of states occupying the cape region of Southern Africa.

Chameleon — The L35 "Chamelon" is an MGV unit manufactured by JPS. It is a heavy unit designed around the Magtronics GE401 tube-rail gun which features prominently in the armored hull's nose. The hull itself is heavily protected and is designed for maximum defense against both kinetic weapons and photon weapons.

The surface of the L35 can switch between camouflage mode and reflective mode more quickly and efficiently than most other vehicles, yet again aided by its shape and advanced composition. The L35's "tail" is actually part of the main rail gun, which is substantially longer than the vehicle. The Chameleon's sole vulnerability is to Class C chemical weapons, so their units are typically escorted by vehicles such as the O40 series Monitor or Komodo which help to screen the heavier Chameleons. This puts many prospective opponents into the uncomfortable position of having to destroy other vehicles first, before being able to open fire on the L35s with full effect. The resulting delay often allows L35 formations to close in, where their lethal main weapons can open fire to devastating effect.

Like all other Californian MGV units, the L35 is named after a species of lizard.

Codes, Geographic — Every major political entity and orbital body is identified for purposes of communications by a standardized code. Currently accepted codes are:
Orbital Body:
TE = Earth
LU = Moon
MA = Mars
Lx = La Grange Point (The x represents the point number; L1, L2, etc.)
AU = Australia
BR = Brasil
CA = California
EU = Mediterranean States
ZA = South Africa
JP = Japan (L5)
SG = Selangor

Copenhagen Station — The primary civilian Med States installation in orbit around earth, Copenhagen Station is the second oldest and probably the smallest of the earth orbit stations.

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