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the eylau sequence.war

“There is news from Earth.”


Work stops, the slight figure draws back, pauses and thinks for a moment. “They are beginning to understand, they should by now.”

“Yes they are.”


“The other Australian has died.”

The room changes, black despair swirls in.


“Their war?”

“No, again a surprise. One of the others was going to meet with him, to tell him what is happening when some criminals – law breakers – encountered him by chance. There was a fight, he died saving someone.”

“Let us hope in saving one he did not condemn us all. I thought he had been chosen wisely, possibly I was mistaken.”

“I think not, he was mortally injured when he gave himself. We chose correctly I believe. It was misfortune.”


“This may change the plan, do you agree?”


“We must be ready sooner, there is nobody to help us. We must be ready in time.”

“I know.”





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