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This is a story about Earth’s future, many hundreds of years after a terrible event that extinguished the lives of nearly everyone on our planet. However this is not a story of post-apocalyptic disaster. The people in this future are doing rather nicely for themselves, even if our home world is colder and stormier than it used to be. They think about the great disaster of generations past about as often as you or I think about the Black Plague – in other words not very much. They have more important things to think about, like who makes the best beer, where to go on vacation or whether to start a war.

Some things never change.

For the people in this future however, another in a long line of wars will herald a change destined to affect all of humanity. War will not be the cause, but it will mask deadly symptoms of a far greater danger. And as the fighting rages, a few scattered strangers are faced with the disturbing likelihood that something else is here, on Earth. Nobody knows what it is, but as the threat grows they must make important decisions about themselves and who they are going to trust. Their survival depends on it.

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