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The Story
— It is proof of mankind's survival instinct that half the solar system is now colonized. But it was human invention that mattered most, and had the disasters of the last six centuries occurred earlier, it is unlikely that man would have survived. As it is, the population is stable again at 100 million and average life-span has increased to more than 200 years.

Human invention however, has prospered in all the same ways as during the pre-glacial period; this includes the art of war, which has grown apace with technolgical advance. Socially, man has adapted to a more austere mode of daily life, even though living conditions are better than any time in history.

Besides the change in the planet itself, one of the greatest changes has been to life, new life. Earth now hosts two races of sentients; and not only has man created a new race as company, he has created numerous other animals and creatures which now roam the wild and cities with the same impunity as those animals descended from antiquity.

But there is a problem; something else is here, on Earth, and nobody is sure what it is or what it is doing. It is not helping, and so some people worry, people who think they know...

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What are MGVs?
— MGVs are miniature warfighting machines which operate in large mobile autonomous groups. Averaging in the millimeter range, they are far smaller than standard combat vehicles. Indeed most MGV units can operate on the surfaces of vehicles. However they are also far larger than nano-level machines, many of which behave more like chemicals. MGVs bridge the operational divide between nano-level machines and larger man-sized equipment.
— Here you can read The Eylau Sequence along with lots of supporting content ranging from an encyclopedia for the ES universe to free gaming rules. Right now the main rules emphasis is on micro-machine warfare, but an orbital warfare rule set is in the works... stay tuned!

What is The Eylau Sequence?
— The Eylau Sequence is part of the Archimedes Program, a sentient program that acts as a master for the three sequences: The Osler Sequence (bioscience), The Richter Sequence (planetary science) and The Eylau Sequence (military science).

The Eylau Sequence covers a wide range of tactical, operational and even strategic concerns and has been an invaluable tool in the creation and use of autonomous systems used in warfare.

As a part of The Archimedes Program, the Eylau Sequence is sentient; it is aware of you, and it is self aware. It can identify objects in its environment and it "thinks" like a sentient being. However it only deals with its assigned area of expertise in a passive-aggressive manner; if you try to get the Eylau Sequence to give its opinion about a politician or to tell you the best way to rob resources from a civilian company, it will passively ignore you and only operate within military confines. There is no way to force the sequence to operate outside of its area of specialty and all previous attempts have failed completely.
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